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Really Weird Process: Cwhi.exe ?

Yet still trying to access internet (Zonealarm message). and 2. (all three files are the same but with different extensions.) My copy started with "jar_cache" followed by a lot of numbers. Ho How-To Geek Articles l l What Is JavaScript, and Why Is Gmail Blocking It? Dirk it tries to go to the internet when you try to remove it. Source

Excellent article. It implies that this executable has been built to be sneaky. March 25, 2009 DeeVree How do I turn off the above services? It's really nice!

REMOVE AT ONCE!!! If i disable this service does it harm my machine someway?? or maybe an AV and AS check. that's just a missing security patch.Did this occur after the update & keeps repeating itself since?

Please note that it is very important for an anti virus program always run in the background to monitor your PC for threats. August 25, 2008 KamakaZ Done well, thanks for the article! After testing on two different hard drives with similar results, I decided to reinstall it. just installed Firefox & IE7 & KIS.

Get rid of this program if it is on your machine, it does nothing good and can only be spyware. Then, Windows Defender warned me of attempt registry change, another big red warning. Published 05/20/08 SHOW ARCHIVED READER COMMENTS (94) Comments (94) May 20, 2008 Sam Thank you! Sincerely Henny April 25, 2009 Keith All of the information has been available BUT so disjointed and complex that very few could decifer it.

i used to have to stop the svchost process but i investigated using process explorer and found out that 99% of the cpu was taken up by svc host - the Useful information explained in simple terms. Ever. Thanks a million.

I have sent you an email with further instructions to be followed to get our additional support. It installs itself if you click on it's popup. October 21, 2008 CaptRon Somehow I still have an uncomfortable feeling. then 2 more in the next concerning c:\program files\synaptics\synTPEnh.exe.

The Viewpoint Manager updates the Media Player for you. this contact form April 25, 2009 John Thanks for the info. Sorting through the Task Manager Mysteries Of The Windows 7 Task Manager: Why You Don't Need an Alternative Mysteries Of The Windows 7 Task Manager: Why You Don't Need an Alternative October 14, 2009 KBPrez FUNNY write-up.

See also: Link XTraveler I believe ITunes Snuck this on my computer based on other google results. May 13, 2009 AB Thanks a ton. Published 01/24/15 SHOW ARCHIVED READER COMMENTS (544) Comments (544) January 24, 2008 Rich I always wondered what this was and why so many were running. http://wowtechminute.com/really-weird/really-weird-problem.html Can't tell if it's malware or a windows process. "Druterlyginution" Found Running in Task Manager solved Task manager process total removal.

Most people that need this article will be running Home so its pretty irrelevant. Joe from IBM Viewpoint player uninstalls easily. May 16, 2008 RonCam @Brady You would have to tell us, first, what operating system are you using?

Best, Lawk Salih January 25, 2008 Mathieu You answered the question I was tired of asking around and eventually forgot about it.

buzz It is used as a virus name as well as being a largely legitimate (if annoying update manager) See also: Link justin barton nothing. May 25, 2009 Jupiter You might not bothered to read this at all but just wana extend my gratitude..thanks for the effort…more powers…. April 24, 2008 Andrew Seaton Great, well written article - Thanks! my system does not have the services tab.

Something like a drivers license, that would restrict people that can not "drive" a computer from ever getting on one. You came here for a reason: to find out what’s distressing your computer. which should be present when infected with BestOffers turned up nothing. Check This Out This is one of the million goof-ups of ‘Windows'.

I know that some viruses pretend to be svchost, but I didn't know how to check what each of the svchost programs were doing. AIM and other apps on that computer continue to function even with it removed. Thanks! If a hacker is successful, he/she must disclose how to the manufacturer so the manufacturer can create a patch and in return gets to keep the device/software(software is sometimes substituted with

Most of them anyways. More often they are even sneakier and have 2+ processes running that monitor each other to make sure they are running (in case you kill one). It's not. How about explorer.exe?

August 24, 2008 Aphobos Very helpful article! For more information, http://support.microsoft.com/kb/250320 For help, tlist /? my DWM in Vista is only using 484k memory.