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How To Record On A Blank Cassette Tape


I'm sure there's a load for sale on auction sites. Vinyl Eyezz 350,280 views 7:33 How To: Record music or anything onto a Cassette Tape - Duration: 16:45. The Tech Report. Unlike the original cassette, the Elcaset was designed from the outset for sound quality. have a peek here

ISBN0-7803-4709-9. ^ Brian, Marshall. "How Tape Recorders Work". Sign in to add this video to a playlist. Record. 2 (8): 20. ^ Andriessen, Willem (1999). ""THE WINNER": Compact Cassette. Power, a strip cord is recommendNote: ... 3 Step 3: SetupMake sure power is being sent to everything you have set up, the deck, receiver, etc. http://www.instructables.com/id/Cassette-Tape-1101-an-in-depth-look-into-this-an/

How To Record On A Blank Cassette Tape

EastAngliaUK 2,562 views 8:23 How To Use A Cassette Deck/Cassette Tape (Basic Operation) - Duration: 6:12. Retrieved 20 August 2010. ^ John Atkinson (November 2002). "40 years of Stereophile: The Hot 100 Products". A common mechanical problem occurred when a worn-out or dirty player rotated the supply spool faster than the take-up spool or failed to release the heads from the tape upon ejection.

Use a soft artist's brush to clean the stylus if you don't have one of the commercial cleaning brushes. Registered Office - Suite 201 Berkshire House, 39-51 High Street, Ascot SL5 7HY. Phoney - Western Electric 3,336 views 6:12 Making a recording on reel-to-reel! - Duration: 10:25. Mp3 To Cassette Converter Systems were scalable, enabling the user to purchase initially one "master" unit (typically with 3 "copy" bays) and add "slave" units for expanded duplication abilities.

The tape moves at 4.76cm/s (1β…ž inch/s) from left to right.[51] For comparison, the typical open-reel format in consumer use was 6.35mm (ΒΌ inch) wide, each stereo track nominally 1.0mm (1⁄25 How To Record To Cassette Tape From Computer ISBN0-521-82726-4. ^ "VintageCassettes.com". knowing a little about what the different tape types do can help you choose what tape to use to achieve the sound reproduction you want. And I know some of you may say that not all voices will sound the same but the sound of tape sounds so damn good and different from todays equipment

Retrieved 2015-11-15. ^ Jeniece Pettitt (September 1, 2015). How To Record Over A Cassette Tape A six-foot cable will run about $5. Collection Intro Intro: Cassette Tape 1101 - an in depth look into this analog tape recording media*** this instructable will teach you about different cassette formulations, how to use them to most thrifts in the USA charge from $0.25 to $1.00 per cassette.

How To Record To Cassette Tape From Computer

Sign in to report inappropriate content. have a peek at this web-site You can find tapes at places like hardware stores or thrift stores, or buy them in bulk online. How To Record On A Blank Cassette Tape cassettes are what brought about the move from listening to music in a group setting, to listening to music in a private setting while on the move. How To Put Music On A Cassette Tape Home studio[edit] Beginning in 1979, Tascam introduced the Portastudio line of four- and eight-track cassette recorders for home-studio use.

You can not emulate the sound of the 90's with a plugin or a POS cassette deck or any piece of gear for that matter. navigate here Working... The duplicators would operate at double (or greater) tape speed. those notches line up with switches inside machines equipped to auto detect the different tape types. Computer To Cassette

Other lengths are (or were) also available from some vendors, including C10 and C15 (useful for saving data from early home computers and in telephone answering machines), C30, C40, C50, C54, The cassette was adapted into what is called a streamer cassette, a version dedicated solely for data storage, and used chiefly for hard disk backups and other types of data. audio hobbyist are rediscovering cassettes. http://wowtechminute.com/how-to/how-to-copy-a-vhs-tape-to-another-vhs-tape.html The records themselves sit safely on my shelves, away from the harm of dust and needles each time I play the taped copy.

Retrieved 20 August 2010. ^ "For Car Cassette Decks, Play Time Is Over". Cassette Recording Service The media itself is dark and is similar to a floppy.

You can play these in your standard tape deck, however you will hear basically the sound of digital; which is thats well worth bumpin. Share Quote 14th December 2011 #20 PopularDemand Lives for gear Quote: Originally Posted by LeeRoy Well it's something that at least gets me close

to the US in July 1966.

Doing Cultural Studies: The Story of the Sony Walkman. Max The Tech Guy! 2,435 views 16:45 RECORDING from CD & INTERNET on to CASSETTE Tape - Duration: 6:56. Reason: spelling correction 1 Share Quote 14th December 2011 #27 dibravibra Gear Addict My Studio I had Tascam 688 in 1995. Tape Recorder With A Microphone-input Plug I saw a few 3348 sessions in 2002, but nothing after that.

Retrieved 30 October 2013. ^ Crookes, David (26 January 2011). "Gadgets: Rage against the machine". Retrieved 8 November 2015. ^ Hans-Joachim Braun, Music and technology in the twentieth century. In this capacity, some later-model cassette-based dictation machines could also run the tape at half speed (15⁄16 in/s) as playback quality was not critical. this contact form Quote: Originally Posted by LeeRoy Would a tape deck or a tascam analog mixer help me get this sound?

in my part of the country 2x$1 seems the ... 10 Step 10: cassettes by erahere's a rough visual guide of cassette tapes by era. Next, choose a good cassette tape. This was achieved primarily by the introduction of transistors which replaced the bulky, fragile, and costly vacuum tubes of earlier designs. I wouldn't disagree with any of this - but none of it contradicts the thinking that cassette "tape" is not the "sound of tape".

while all cassette recorders can record on type 1 tapes, not all can record on types 2-4. Retrieved 2016-07-14. ^ a b Marvin Camras (ed.) (1985). Pioneer's angled cassette bay and the exposed bays of some Sansui models eventually were standardized as a front-loading door into which a cassette would be loaded. The one on the left is a regular pre-recorded type I; the other is the computer tape.

Darn, saw one of those ruggedized Ford tester tapes at goodwill the other day,

playing types 2-4 on a machine only intended for type 1 will produce accentuated highs. Oxford University Press. The one on the left is a regular pre-recorded type I; the other is the computer tape.

Darn, saw one of those ruggedized Ford tester tapes at goodwill the other day, The initial offering consisted of 49 titles.[21] However, the system had been designed initially for dictation and portable use, with the audio quality of early players not well suited for music.

Forget the cleaning tapes that you pop in your deck; buy some foam swabs -- not cotton ones, which will leave little fibers all over the moving parts -- and shine it's cheap for a small band to put out music on cassette tape and it gives the fan something tangible to take home. For certain applications, such as dictation, special cassettes containing leaderless tapes were made, typically with stronger material and for use in machines that had more sophisticated end-of-tape prediction. London. ^ a b c Segal, Dave (March 9, 2016). "Baby, I'm for Reel: Unspooling the Affordable, Accessible Microeconomy of the Cassette Revival".

Blank cassettes also were an invaluable tool to spread the music of unsigned acts, especially within tape trading networks. Apple II, Commodore PET) were designed to not start writing or reading data until leaders had spooled past. Add to Want to watch this again later? trying to record a tape on a machine not equipped to handle that specific type will result in lousy recordings.